early access and beyond

PC Building Simulator is a weird and wonderful example of how amusing ideas can sometimes take form, grow legs, and run off to places nobody ever dreamed of. This particular idea started off as a Reddit thread, then became a free tech demo, before launching as an early access title with publisher backing and a long roster of official partners to boast of.

We were initially approached by KA Games on behalf of The Irregular Corporation to create an exciting trailer for PC Building Simulator at an early stage in its development where it had very little content to speak of, which proved to be a fun challenge for us. As the game got bigger – in the public eye as well as its size and scope – we were asked to produce two more trailers to showcase the game’s new features, such as its hilarious story mode, and its licensed in-game simulation of 3D Mark.

The trailers generated around 1.5m views on YouTube alone.