Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry series is known for its improbably cool scenarios, wisecracking characters, and most importantly its incredibly stylish action. What many players may not know, however, is that the cutscenes that encompass those three pillars of the game’s appeal are all meticulously pre-visualised in some of the most charming ways possible: action figures standing in as characters, low-budget effects work, and plastic weapons create a striking low-fi (but high-quality) vibe.

Working in tandem with Capcom, we wanted to show just how close those pre-visualisations were to the finished product. The result is DMC Demastered, a side-by-side/split screen blending of concept and execution. The result is a delightful behind the scenes look at how the game was made, and how all the pre-vis preparation paid off. Additional campaign work also included travelling to Japan to cover the Tokyo Game Show, and producing a ten minute making-of featurette focusing on the incredible design philosophy of the game and the talented team behind it.