Welcome to the Family

How do you sell a horror game without spoiling it? By creating live-action short films that introduce players to the world of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard without revealing its many surprises. Our films drew over a million views and scored extensive coverage. Originally commissioned by Capcom EU, the success of these shorts saw them used in other major territories such as Japan and America (including at the official Japanese launch of the game), and they rank among some of the most successful promotional videos Capcom has ever commissioned.


Following the game's hugely successful launch, we became the first ever British production house to be entrusted with telling the behind the scenes story of a mainline Resident Evil game with our work on a comprehensive 40-minute Making Of. The series documents Resident Evil's journey from concept to release through the experiences of the game's producers, directors, and creative staff. SpecialGun also assisted with EFIGS localisation.


Alongside these creative concepts we also covered the Resident Evil 7 campaign from pre-release to launch and beyond, providing assets, showcasing parties, events, and the exceptional Resident Evil 7 Experience in London. Our work promoting the escape room-themed attraction was featured in coverage on PRWeek and the Evening Standard.